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Remember Someone Is Always Watching

Ladies and gentlemen oftentimes in life we think that the decisions we make only affect us. That whatever choice we make, the benefits or consequences are solely ours. Causing us to be careless, reckless, dismissive, or simply irresponsible. Why? Because we think nobody cares or no one is watching.

 But what if I told you someone is always watching.

 It could be anyone from family, friends, or even your enemies. We all model or imitate something or someone. The late Kobe Bryant emulated Michael Jordan. Elvis Presley acquired a lot of his swagger from Little Richard and several other black rock n roll artists before him. Even the Great Dr. King's nonviolent movement was influenced by teachings from Mahatma Gandhi. 

Trust me, it's human nature to assimilate information

This can be a good thing if used for setting positive examples, causing forward mobility. Where the problem lies is too often we're not. We are too busy promoting careless decision-making, bad habits, and violence. This becomes a strain on our communities and society as a whole. There is an old saying “no one can show you any better than what they were shown.” Meaning a person's ability to teach is only as good as their ability to learn. 

Kids always have and always will be the keys to the future. 

They are literally sponges soaking up every piece of information, good or bad. Now, with unlimited and unfiltered access to social media, their precious minds can be inspired or manipulated at the drop of a dime. 

So what do we do?

 The world used to seem like a big place, but with the rapid evolution of technology, it seamlessly fits in the palm of our hands. Connecting us to others we would never meet otherwise epitomizing the fact that someone is always watching. 

So here's the challenge! 

Men, we need to be better fathers, leaders, mentors, and more active in our communities. We need to be better listeners and supporters of our women and children. The examples we set in the home will flourish outside of the home if presented right .And as men, we definitely need to show our sons it's ok to love a woman. That does not make you weak or lame. Let's bring back being courteous, polite, and respectful

Now, for the women, we need you all to be even better mothers, more nurturing, vulnerable, and feminine. All these traits teach our young ones how to evolve and handle the ebbs and flows of life. Ladies, I need you to be more supportive of men. Your words literally can build or break him and give him the inspiration to move mountains. Our sons and daughters need  to see a supportive household structure where there is a functioning ecosystem of love. And women, we definitely need you to show these young girls how to have confidence and self-respect so they don't fall victim to social media likes and comments by men who mean them no good. 

Contrary to popular belief, men and women need each other if we ever plan on restoring law and order. The youth needs to see that we are more than rappers, actors, and twerkers. Let's show them that we're also doctors, lawyers, and politicians. 

Because the kids are watching, they're always watching! 

So let's push education and morals love and self-respect. My posts are never meant to denigrate or deter their sole purpose is to put a door where you once only saw a wall. So walk through that door, step into the world, and shine. And don't forget to give them a show because you never know who's watching just remember that someone is always watching! 

God bless.

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