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Purpose Over Preference!

Hello everyone, today I present to you life's greatest decision. One that should not and can not  be taken lightly. One that must be made before any man or woman can step into greatness and truly fulfill their destiny! 

And that question is how do you choose your purpose over your preference? 

Have you ever heard the phrase angel on one shoulder and devil on the other? Well, this is the literal embodiment of that. As people, we wrestle with this for most of our lives. Mainly because doing the things you want are far easier and more exciting than doing the things we were created to do. See, we all have gifts, but it is up to us to hone and cultivate these gifts. This takes hard work, sacrifice, discipline, and obedience

And who wants to do that? 

Theodore Roosevelt once said “ Comparison is the thief of joy.” 

And with the overindulgence in social media, this saying is more relevant now than ever. In today's society, everything is glamorized. The results seem to be instantaneous, and everyone acts as if they have it altogether. Causing people to follow the path of others because it seems popular or profitable. This leads to abandoning your own purpose in pursuit of highly valued things while lowering your own moral standards.

Never let what you perceive others to have add or subtract value from your life. 

It's easy to choose your preference because the results always benefit you. Your purpose, on the other hand, is always for the benefit of others. A fool with a million dollars is poorer than a wiseman with one. Simply because the wiseman will split his dollar and make four friends while the fool will be selfish and make a million enemies.  The choices we make can potentially build up or tear down nations.

When we follow our purpose, we are doing God's work. 

There's no ego attached. There's no appearances to keep up. It is just you and your truth. Whether your purpose calls you to be a motivational speaker, teacher, encourager, mentor, philanthropist, or activist, it should always be the thing that you love the thing that you would do for free. Understand your purpose won't resonate with everyone, but those who it is for will adhere. Always remember: The benefits of picking a person up far outweigh the consequences of pushing them down. Now is your moment. Own it, seize it, and become a purpose filler. Because your preference may be fun for a hot minute, but your purpose can change generations for a lifetime

Knowledge is priceless, but ignorance is pricey, and it is paramount that we know the difference. 

God bless!

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