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My Black is Bold, My Black is Beautiful, My Black is Powerful !

To all my fellow Black Americans once again, it is that time of year when we celebrate our heritage. This is a time when we reflect on the countless contributions that we have given this country. With such a rich and extensive culture, it truly can not be celebrated in a single month.

Without Black people, America would not have become the economic powerhouse of the 19th century. 

We've helped mold and build every crease and crevice of this country but yet get minimal to no recognition. Yes, they teach us the generic version of our history and tell us about a few good Black men and women. Honestly school curriculums change every so often language and dialects evolve, and math becomes a little more complicated. But the teaching of Black history is still the same since we were in school and our parents were in school and their parents' parents were in school. This shows that there is a major flaw in the system. Oh, but this is no mistake

A design perfectly crafted is a plan. 

See the quickest way to disband a people is to deplete them of their knowledge of self. Way after Harriet Tubman was done freeing slaves or Dr King was marching on Washington we've had several impactful Black Americans. There's Alan Emtage's invention of the first internet search engine(ARCHIE) to Barack Obama becoming the first Black President. 

So this year, I challenge us as a people to teach our kids about our decorated history. Let them know that we have a legacy that is far greater than being stolen people in a stolen land. Show them how we were given nothing and obtained everything. We built institutions of higher learning when just a few decades prior, we weren't even allowed to read. We built affluent communities, perfected medical procedures, spearheaded technological advancements, created music genres, and the list goes on. When we know better, we do better. 

So if we don't instill a love for us in us, then who will? 

See we are most definitely not niggers or niggas we are Negus the Ethiopian word for kings. We were and still are royalty. Once we start seeing each other as such, then we will value ourselves differently. I've never seen an army get stronger by killing its own soldiers. We must put the guns down and pick our dignity back up. 

So from this day forth we celebrate Black History every day. 

We must push education, love, unity, and honor, and we must hold each other accountable. You can only run in place for so long before you realize the problem is not the treadmill anymore. One of my favorite sayings from Charlamagne tha God is 

“ Go where you're celebrated, not where you're tolerated!” 

We've built and created our own before, so that's all the proof we need to understand that it can be done again. Now is the time that we stop craving their acceptance and start praising our existence. And always remember that 

Our Black is Bold, Our Black is Beautiful, Our Black is Powerful because we are in this together!

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