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What The Stimulus Really Proves?

As the world is faced with a deadly plague that has turned our country upside down. People are holding on to the hope of finding some sense of normalcy. The way we were used to living seems like a distant memory. We're a long way away from the fun summer vacations and holiday getaways. Jobs are slowly coming back but for the average American, money and daily meals are hard to come by. So people have faith that their government will somehow bail them out. Truthfully the previous stimulus checks have helped out a lot of people. They have even saved some small and minority businesses but that is what brings me to my point.

What does the stimulus really prove?

For years in this country poor and disenfranchised people whether Black, white, or Hispanic have been in similar circumstances that we as a nation are faced with now.

So what really is the agenda in a capitalistic society?

I think it is simply that the rich get richer.

For decades poor people have been fighting for basic needs, higher wages, health insurance, and affordable housing. These claims and quells for the most part have fallen on deaf ears. So after decades of marching and complaining there has been minimal to no change. Now that there is a pandemic, in the blink of an eye they are able to pass three major legislations in an attempt to stop the economy from crashing.

So when the poor need help they get shushed but when the rich need help they get relief!

The Cares act was for 2.2 trillion dollars, the second relief package was for 900 billion dollars, and now the third is for 1.9 trillion dollars. Now i'm no rocket scientist but I know math and that's five trillion dollars in one year. That's a lot of money but the problem is a lot of it has gone to people who didn't need economic relief. Imagine if the government would have poured a tenth of this money into debilitated areas fifty or sixty years ago. The economical landscape would be a lot more balanced. There would be better education, less crime, lower mortality rates, and a very diverse but unified America. If this kind of money can be distributed now with the attempt to help citizens, then it could've always been done.

However that's the problem with capitalism.

It was supposedly designed to give everyone a chance to achieve the American Dream. When in fact it's a disguise to gain control and influence over those less fortunate. Once this pandemic is over companies like Ford, GM, Apple, and Microsoft will be ok, but the average person trying to make it off of a 20,000 to 30,000 dollars a year salary will be forgotten. And I promise there will be no one rushing to sign bills into law to stop them from going under.

America is playing chess people!

Taking advantage of this crisis to keep you afloat while they soar lining their pockets with billions to trillions of dollars. And when all of this is over it's back to business as usual overlooking those who struggle just to get by. The real question is how do we have poor people in a country that gives out millions of dollars in lottery drawings, double and triple taxes its citizens, and now passes out five trillion dollar stimulus packages?

That's a simple answer. When you worship the money and devalue the people the latter always suffer.

So I urge you all to use this money wisely, save it, really pay your bills and if you can invest it in the stock market. Find a way to make this money work for you because it may be a lifetime before the government gives you this kind of assistance again.

So again what does the stimulus really prove?

That America is full of sugar honey ice tea and is still operating the way it was designed to over 400 hundred years ago. Thriving off the less fortunate and smiling while doing so. Rather than help its own it devours them. We're constantly told that reparations for Blacks is impossible. The everyday man an women are denied fair and competitive wages in a society where the cost of living is sky rocketing. Yet Fortune 500 companies get the very reparations and wage boast that the average American so desperately need. The unfair thing is that the middle class and poor people are going to be the ones paying back all this money.

How do you trust a country, a government, that has continually failed you?

It's quite simple you don't.

My grandma who is a wise woman once told me "when someone or something shows you who and what they are believe them... the first time."

No matter what you do in life, always be kind, be peaceful and be blessed!

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