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What's The Price Of A Black Man's Life?

Is it me or does it seem like the more things change the more they stay the same? Everytime we take two steps forward we get knocked back three. At a time where we should be banding together as a country another tragedy occurs and creates a divide. These incidents constantly reminded us that no matter how far we think we have come there's still a long way to go. It's truly sad that a simple car ride or a walk in the park could end in senseless violence or a loss of life.

What must one do to be treated fairly or equally?

In 2021 we should not be facing the same type of unjust and barbaric treatment that was prevalent decades ago.

So tell me what's the price of Black man's life?

J Cole once said " what's the price for a Black man's life. I checked the toe tag, not one zero in sight."

So is that how we're really seen? Are we valued less than cats and dogs? How do people who scream all lives matter continuously turn a blind eye to these blatant murders. If you truly feel all lives matter then you too should be outraged at the killing of another fellow human being. We have special units who monitor social media in efforts to use things said online against you in a court of law. So why when a police kills an unarmed man on camera for the world to see they are given the benefit of the doubt. O.J. Simpson got caught stealing his own merchandise and did nine years in prison. Micheal Vick fought and killed dogs, did two years in prison. Plaxico Burriss shot himself and received a two year jail term. So how come police officers like Derek Chauvin,(George Floyd) Brett Hankison,(Breonna Taylor) Jeronimo Yanez,(Philando Castile) and countless others remain free.

To me a person's life is priceless. It's a gift from God created and designed to serve a purpose. Once a life is taken there's no amount of money that can give a person another one. So maybe the government values us at a couple million dollars since cities payout multi-million dollar lawsuits to families for wrongful death all the time. Which to me seems like an admission of guilt. Leaving us the taxpayers to foot the bill while the murderous cops get to keep their pension.

How many more mothers must suffer?

How many more lives must be taken before this country, this government really does something to make a change. The biggest pandemic in this country is not Covid-19 it's Cops-911.They operate with complete impunity and as long as they're allowed to do so this kind of behavior will continue.

The question isn't how much is a Black man's life worth. The question is how many more Black people must die and pay the price for the recklessness and insensitivity of the very people that are supposed to protect us.

Always trust in God and when you doubt him, trust him even more.

Remember when times get tough we just get tougher!

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