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The Illusion of Freedom

What is freedom? The definition states that it is the right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

America is commonly referred to as the land of the free and home of the brave. In olden times, foreign countries often called America 'the free world.' In America, you were supposed to be part of a democracy. A place for the people, governed by the people. In America, you were supposed to have religious freedom, civil liberties and the ability to prosper through free enterprise. These rights were supposed to be fundamental to every American. They were sacred and designed to govern a country against everything it had just fought Britain to get away from.

The Constitution is the most herald gem in this country. In it, is the Bill of Rights. They provide freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly and petition; the right to bear arms and to maintain a well armed militia; freedom from unreasonable search and seizures; a right to due process; freedom from excessive bail, cruel and unusual punishment. Just to name a few.

But truly, freedom in America is just an illusion; a big puff of smoke and nothing more than a Jedi mind trick. A ploy to confuse everyday citizens into believing they're in control when they are merely pawns in a game of chess.

Big brother is always watching, and cell phones are just high priced tracking devices. It's the reason why TV is called television programming. They have been programming our minds since youth to respond, react and think a certain way. Through satellites, cameras, cell phones and TVs, they know our every move, location and thought process. How many times have we watched movies and thought— wow, that seems like it could happen for real. Well, it has and it likely will.

That's the beauty of TV. It makes the unbelievable look normal so they can slide secret experiments under our noses.

Actually, we are living in the movie contagion right now. If we're not careful, the purge could be next...

I'm just saying!

We judge and build our opinions of others off of things we are told, oftentimes ostracizing and judging others before we truly know who they are. Not all blacks are thugs, all white people aren't racist and all Muslims aren't terrorists; but, when your mind is programmed blindly without your knowledge, it forces you to believe things that are otherwise false.

So, how is there freedom in a place built off lies?

My grandmother always says, "If you start out lying, you end up lying.” How does a place where the first settlers nearly massacred all the natives and then enslaved another group of people call itself free?

I know…

I know you're tired of hearing about slavery. It happened so long ago. We should have passed that now. Well, it's hard to get past something that people... a country fails to acknowledge or take proper blame for. Honestly, that's not the basis of my argument here even though minorities and people of color are disproportionately targeted by everything the Bill of Rights are supposed to protect us from— as Blacks and Latinos or consistently harassed, beaten, jailed with little to no evidence, given excessive bails and railroaded in a system where they're never given a fair shake at due process.

If we speak out we're told to shut up. If we assemble, petition or protest peacefully, the narrative is changed to make us look angry and call us thugs. All we want is the promise of freedom that was supposed to be afforded to all U.S. citizens.

But, that's the point. There’s no freedom, just an illusion designed to confuse the mind of those that are too lazy to think. Those that are stuck in the matrix.

Once you decide to step outside that box, you'll be able to run circles around squares. A hamster stays on the wheel, not because it needs exercise, but because it doesn't know that it's going nowhere fast. A cat climbs a tree because it knows a dog can't.

True freedom comes when you unlock your mind.

The brain is the most powerful tool that any man or woman has. Even when the body is in bondage, the mind is free. Never be afraid to challenge the norm. Don't always follow the flow and never allow the opinions or perspectives of others to form your reality. Most people don't understand the thin line between democracy and socialism. Controlling the people through rations (welfare and stimulus checks), therefore making them dependent on help from big government.

For a nation that started a war over taxation, we get double and triple taxed all the time. We pay state and federal taxes. Then, we pay sales, property and gas taxes. So, even when we buy homes, cars or land, if you don't pay the taxes it can be taken from you. Your assets can be frozen and taken from you— giving the rich all the power and making the poor obsolete. Does that sound familiar? Does that sound like freedom to you?

Hey, these are just my thoughts. Right or wrong, I'll let you decide.

Always remember the only thing free in life is peace of mind.

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