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The Face in the Mirror

The face in the mirror. It is the one you always see, but sometimes the one that's most unrecognizable. Not that it's unfamiliar, but it is in fact the exact opposite. As humans, the people we hate to criticize the most are ourselves. We make excuses, blame others or worse-- we simply hide and bury the pain.

Honestly, we should embrace the flaws and imperfections the same way we do our strengths and accomplishments. We would all love to be happy 24/7, but the truth is… It's not how life works.

Life is a journey, a marathon. Along the way, there are highs and lows, hills and valleys. You must remember that no two people’s roads are alike, and we all have our own mirror. So, don't judge another before you take a glimpse at yourself.

When you look in your mirror, what do you see? What do you process and analyze? What are you willing to confess?

A man or woman should never be judged by their triumphs. It's easy to be happy when everything is going well. True judgment comes when it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel and the walls are caving in. How will you respond? How do you pick yourself up and find the strength and motivation to keep on keeping on. The true you is always present when no one is looking. This is the moment when it's just you and God. This is the moment when the truth is inevitable. Charlemagne Tha God said:

"You can't focus on the next level if you cling to the old you."

That's why the mirror is important; it gives us the ability to see ourselves up close and personal. We can see our beauty, and in the same token it gives us the veracity to expose, then dispose of our flaws and weaknesses.

Now, here's the question: When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? If so, that's great. But remember there's still work to be done. If you dislike or despise what's in the mirror, then you have truly become free. That means, you have knowledge and understanding of self, therefore, you can diagnose and fix the problem. Although humans are the dominant species on this planet, they are also the weakest. Lions don't need guns, tigers don't need nuclear weapons and elephants don't start wars.

People are the only creatures who are destructive to themselves. So, right now. I need everyone-- Black, white, Latino, Asian and etc. to grab a mirror. Now, take a long look and ask yourself, “What can I do to be better?”

If we can all change, eventually, we can all make the world a better place - together.

Love, peace and happiness.

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