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The Children are Our Future

As we enter a time that bears major consequences for our future, it is always important to remember who holds the keys to our survival. It is not the politicians we will be voting for on election day (today). It is not the proud boys or the angry American protesting in the streets. The future of this country, in fact the future of the whole world, always has been and always will be in the hands of our youth-- simply because they have no recollection of the past.

They know nothing about hatred or slavery until they're taught. They care nothing about how things were; they only see how things can be. Do we need a systematic overhaul? Yes. without a doubt. Everything about our society teaches separatism and hate. Honestly, the schools do just as much injustice to our youth as the prison system. From a young age, our minds are beaten, molded, and manipulated. But, as the population gets younger and kids of all ethnicities-- Black, white, hispanic or bi-racial-- the rules of the old regime won't resonate.

That is a beautiful thing.

For the first time in history, people are standing together. Not for a photo op, but for a common cause. One that will unite and begin to undo all the damage created over hundreds of years.

The next generation is always bigger, more adventurous, more radical and rebellious, and most importantly more open minded. They will vote; they will protest and use their social media platforms to reach places we never could.

It is up to us to do our part now, but we must push, strive and pour all of our positive energy into the youth. They are the janitors to our future. They will clean up the mess that has been made; after all, they hold the keys to open doors others can only look at.

In art, the easiest canvas to paint is a blank one. This is what our youth represent. Purity.

Lacy won't care that Britney is black. Dave won't frown upon Jose. John doesn't care that Malik is bi-racial. So, let's do our part to make sure that the next 400 years of this country look nothing like the last 400.

Randy Watson once said, "I believe the children are our future. Give them light, and let them lead the way."

In Dr. King's I Have A Dream speech, he said "I have a dream that little black boys and girls will join hands with little white boys and girls as sisters and brothers.”

To all of you millennials, and to generation Z, you are on the clock. It is time for you to make America great, for every citizen, for the first time ever.

"Hate will always be present, but love will always overpower it."

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