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New Year, New You

Hello, everyone! If you're reading this, then that means you made it through 2020.

Happy New Year!

Generally, people associate the new year with a new beginning or a fresh start. Well, this year, instead of making resolutions like exercising, losing weight or saving money... which are all good things to do... but after about a week, most people have already said, “To hell with them anyway..." let's focus on creating a new you.

Cleanse your mind, and refocus on the one thing in life that matters most— YOU.

The problem with most New Year resolutions isn't that they aren’t attainable. People are so busy they rarely get to slow down and have the ample time to make resolutions a priority. So, the first thing I want everyone to do this year is focus on having peace of mind. Slow down, evaluate yourself, gain a sense of calm and normalcy; then, all of your resolutions will easily fall into place. I guarantee it.

Too often, we have plans and ideas for things we want to change and fix. However, our minds are so scattered and cluttered that we become stressed and frustrated, therefore, we never really give them our all. Whether it's praying, reading, writing or just thinking in a quiet place, do it for 30 minutes to an hour each day in the morning or at night.

These are generally the times we're not as busy. Various studies show how meditation helps our health. It is believed to help with pain, high blood pressure, psychological disorders and brain health. Use this time to craft your ideas and strategize your plans. Believe in your vision; don't worry about the haters and naysayers.

To truly morph into the new you, only accept positive vibes.

By taking time to relax and gain a piece of mind, you'll begin to operate like Neo in the Matrix movies. Everything will slow down, and you'll be able to see and process things better— making them easier to achieve.

After coming out of a year like 2020, now is definitely the time to think outside the matrix, defy the norm and question the realm of possibility so you can enjoy the fruit of boundless limitations.

Remember the old saying? The early bird gets the worm.

Why doesn't the fastest bird get the worm? Well, it's simple. They may have more physical attributes, but he doesn't worry about his limitations because he understands the value of time.

In 2021, let's focus on mind cleansing and time management. Let’s create a new you from the brain down, first, and your resolutions will become a habit-- not a task. This will help you put that gym membership to use, lose weight and save lots of money in the process, but most of all, you'll be mentally and physically healthy.

I know we can all be in a rush sometimes while pursuing our dreams and ambitions of being rich. Just know there's no amount of money that will ever transcend the grave. Health is wealth. Always remember to take care of you, so you can take care of you.

May peace be spread by the peaceful. May blessings be given to all.

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