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Know Your Worth

What determines the worth of a person? Is it what he or she believes, or the beliefs of others? Is it what he or she makes financially, or what they spend?

The value of worth is simply defined as what someone is willing to pay. If you believe this, then you think practically or logically. It’s not wrong. About 90% of the world thinks this way. But, to be great you need to be in the 10th percentile. These are the people who don't accept okay, good or well enough. They persevere through the pressure and rough times because they understand their worth and they stand on it. 

Now, ask yourself. In what percentage are you?

Someone wise once said, “If they offer you one million dollars for your idea, then it's worth at least 10 million.” In today's society, we want everything instantaneously. We live in a microwave society, but i'm here to tell you, taking the road less traveled is a viable option. 

Be you, and be unique in doing so!

Don't be afraid to go against the grain. Be everything your doubters told you that you couldn't be. 

Through adversity heroes are made. With pressure diamonds are formed, and with self belief dreams come true. Don't ever be afraid to fail; failure is never an option. It's simply a delusion to distract the determined. Failure is just the gate that surrounds success. 

Walk through it, and claim your destiny. 

When people tell you that you can't run, learn to fly. When they say you can't swim, build a boat, and when they say you'll never be anything, be unforgettable! 

Nothing great ever comes easy, but if you believe in yourself, it's easy to be great.

Why do we even go to sleep if we are scared to dream? Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sean Carter and  Russell Simmons are no different than you. They dared to dream, and they believed in them. The only difference between a dollar and a dream is the person who's manifesting it. Always remember, I am not who they say I am, but who I profess to be. Nine times out of ten, our biggest detractors are the people we keep the closest to us.

Only keep like minded and supportive individuals in your circle.

Be careful who you follow. There are two types of people in the world, one who leads and one who leads you astray. Always keep God first, and remember to stay confident but humble. 

When they say you have nothing to say, be Dr. King. When they say your dream is impossible, be Barack Obama, and when they call you stupid, don't say anything because it's never what they call you but what you answer to. People thought Noah was crazy for building an ark, but you must remember, when God has a plan for you everyone is not meant to understand. 

No one knows your worth but you. Just make sure you know it, understand it and never waiver from it.

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