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Did Desegregation do more Harm than Good?

Before I get started, let me issue a disclaimer. In no shape, form or fashion am I saying that America needs to go back to segregation. Nor, am I saying segregation was just or moral. What I am saying is that the unity, love and appreciation that Black Americans had for each other's well being before segregation made them a force to be reckoned with in society. The love affair with each other has been dwindling slowly ever since segregation ended.

Somewhere, somehow we stopped trying to better ourselves and started mimicking white America-- inflicting the same stereotypical and oppressive behavior amongst ourselves. Outside the Matrixxx challenges conventional thinking and aims to broaden the horizon with new ideas, turning the improbable into possible. All I ask is for you to give me a few moments of your time before you form an opinion. 

Let me walk you through history and give you some facts along the way. If you still aren’t convinced, then we can simply agree to disagree.

From the first moment Africans stepped off slave ships, they were segregated. Treated cruel, harshly and unfairly. Even as families were split and sold, Black people stuck together. When denied schooling and education, Black people stuck together. With all of the odds stacked against them, they learned how to adapt and overcome. Filled with resilient spirits and ambition, Black people taught themselves to be self sufficient. 

In 1837…

The first HBCU, Cheyney University (originally known as African Institute), was founded. This was twenty-eight years before slavery ended. 

In 1888…

William Washington Browne founded the  Savings Bank of Grand Fountain United Order Of True Reformers. The nation's first black bank. There were self sufficient Black communities, and it was rumored to be at least sixty black towns between 1865 and 1915. Some of the most popular are Greenwood, Okla. (aka Black Wall Street), Harlem, N.Y., Baltimore, Md. and Soul City, N.C. 

During the heights of the civil rights movement, Black Americans took a united front and boycotted the sanitation and bus system for 381 days-- using this stance to voice their displeasure over unfair treatment. 

Nowadays, people can barely boycott Gucci for 381 hours (LOL). 

From the beginning of slavery in 1619, to the end of segregation (Civil Rights Cct) in 1964, Blacks were enslaved, beaten, hung for trying to read, impoverished and treated as second class citizens. Yet, they built colleges, founded banks, started communities, became business owners, inventors, lawyers, doctors, politicians and millionaires. The dollar circulated several times over helping make these communities thrive. 

This is the true essence of unity. 

Were there problems and issues back then? I'm sure. But the collective goal always seemed bigger than an individual gain. Even Dr. King is quoted saying, "I fear I have integrated my people into a burning house."  Yes, laws should have been changed to afford Blacks the fundamental rights that the Constitution promises. The ability to earn fair wages, rights to protection and the pursuit of happiness. 

Ending segregation was just a ploy to appease and distract the real issues plaguing this nation. A simple slight of hand making the Black American dependent on big government (welfare); poisoning the communities (drugs & guns); and, instituting modern day slavery (prison). 

If you take a person's ability to defend himself, you can revert him back to the lowest point of himself. In the words of Charlemagne The God, "I want to go where I'm celebrated not tolerated." 

Since the end of segregation in 1964 until now, this generation has taken a major step backwards. Education Graduation rates are low, unemployment is high and ownership of homes and businesses are almost nonexistent. 

Now, ask yourself how? 

I think in some ways we resemble the book Animal Farm. We were fighting to get away from something only to become that very thing ourselves. It's simple now. It's time to start anew and become more determined, disciplined and diligent in doing so. 

I think our youth should start attending HBCUs to get a full understanding of themselves. Learn things that make them proud of their heritage and royal lineage. After all, public schools teach us oppression, and universities make it almost impossible to attend. 

Economically, I think we need to get back to learning trades. Build businesses in our own communities. Why do we buy Polo, Hilfiger and Nautica but not Karl Kani, FUBU, Rocawear, or Phat Farm? We've invested in their brands for generations but dispose of our own in a couple of years. 

It's simple. Desegregation brought on a devaluing mindset. It makes you feel like what they have is better than what you have. Even though the separate water fountains were wrong and despicable, the fact is-- the water they drank was still the same. I agree that laws and legislation that oppress and systematically treat its citizens unfairly must be changed.  The point that I'm  trying to convey is that the level of unity, love and respect we had for one another is what we need to display in this day and age. 

Now is the time to retool and emphasize the importance of togetherness. 

We have made our votes count. Now, it's time to make our voices resonate as well. Always remember, my objective is not to change your mind. It is to give you a different perspective. The choice and decision always rest with the individual. 

Everything in the world is segregated. Every living thing has its own ecosystem, but they all understand the fundamental value of sharing a common place. So, why should people be any different?

God doesn't care what color you are, and neither do I. We all see color, but what we all need to value is character. Remember love is blind; hate is taught, and even the impossible is possible.

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1 Comment

Very good points segregation blacks had to rely on each other in many ways to survive...and now in so many ways blacks are fighting against each other; hating to see their own people rise up.....unity is definitely lost.

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