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Before You Shoot Me Down!

At this moment in time our society is facing immeasurable odds. Groceries are high, gas is even higher and mad men are shooting up schools, parades and grocery stores. And the very people that are sworn to serve and protect us are still killing unarmed men of color in the street. 

Once upon a time there was the excuse that they feared for their lives. But I don't buy that considering that in other instances the shooter was taken in peacefully. 

See, everything in this world has a double standard but justice shouldn't. 

As my grandmother would tell me right is right and wrong is wrong. So how does the American government and some of its citizens not see this. How do you expect a nation of people to heal if the wound has never been properly treated. Continuously victimized by a system that needs a major overhaul. This post is not meant to be divisive, just a tool to show you that where there's smoke there's fire.

These are the questions we need honest answers to. 

Well today I speak on behalf of all Americans who look like me that are the victims of these heinous acts. These are some of the things you should know about us before you pull the trigger

As you can see I'm a Black man. Before you shoot me down I am unarmed. I'm just going home from the store. Before you shoot me down I'm a man of God and a father. Before you shoot me down I'm someone's son, grandson, uncle and nephew. Before you shoot me down I have a job, and my own business. Before you shoot me down I'm a pillar in my community, an asset and a law abiding citizen. Before you shoot me down I'm not a thug or hoodlum. Before you shoot me down I have dreams, goals and aspirations. Now close your eyes, imagine I was a white man. Would you still shoot me down?


But I'm not. So you did!


Now the only thing left is grieving families and communities. A bunch of hashtags and open case files against cops who rarely get punished. How do we call ourselves the most civilized nation when we still behave like barbarians. Politicians have been lobbying the black vote for centuries without any real intentions of making a change.

This must end now!

So before you shoot me down or someone who looks like me, take a deep breath and realize that we love our sons and daughters just as much as you love yours. Hopefully that will be enough for you to lower your gun and start saving lives instead of ending them.

Always remember our job is to plant the seeds and let God give us the increase! 

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