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Are You a Revolutionary?

My fellow Americans, we're living in a day and time where society is at a critical juncture. It's truly time to ask yourself, “What kind of person am I?” Are you one to lie down, do you just go with the flow, or do you stand up and demand change? If you aren't the latter, then you're simply just in the way.

The time has come for a revolution.

A revolution is simply a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system. Is that not the very principle this country was built on? Feeling oppressed by Great Britain, America fought back and gained its independence allowing them to implement a new system of order. So, why can't we as Black people do the same? When I say a revolution, I'm not saying let's have an all out war. I'm simply saying let's use our collective power to better politic our current situation and circumstances.

Starting a revolution doesn't mean you're racist, unpatriotic, or violent; but, it does mean you have to be devoted, accountable, impactful and purposeful for the greater good of people. Remember, great victories always follow great sacrifice.

Fred Hampton once said, "War is politics with bloodshed, and politics is war without bloodshed."

Now is the time to become bold, brave and voicetress. Look at what the Black vote did in the 2020 presidential and senate elections. Too often, people confuse black pride with being anti-white or against the government; but, that is the furthest thing from the truth. One should never confuse the love of self with hate for others. All we want is the same rights and treatment as our white counterparts. Why is it that when we march and protest peacefully in the streets over heinous crimes and various injustices, we are not seen as concerned citizens? We are categorized as thugs. When white protesters stormed the Capitol building, they weren’t thugs or terrorists. They were called insurrectionists. That's a revolutionary practice, but those people were clearly hoodlums.

If you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem!

The fact that we have legislation in place like the Civil Rights Act, Affirmative Action, and even the Rooney Rule in the NFL shows that society knows there's an unfair bias. It still doesn't work in our favor. Now is the time to stop begging and start demanding. There used to be a saying, “The revolution will be televised,” but, I'm here to tell you that the revolution will be broadcasted in real time on a worldwide stage.

If Dr. King, Malcom X, Fred Hampton and countless others could lead movements that cost them their lives, then surely we can sacrifice something for the assurance of a better tomorrow for our youth. Ice Cube's contract with Black America is needed, because it has an outline of the basic needs that benefit us all, not just individuals.

To be a revolutionary, your cause must be bigger than you. As Black people, we need to stop looking for leadership and build an army of leaders.

If an army of millions are led by one, when he dies so does the movement; but, if an army of millions are led by the cause, then the cause only dies when the millions are dead.

For too long, we have been fooled by lies and back door politics. America knows that if we unite we are an unstoppable force. They divide and deprive us. They give us just enough to appease us while using our own people as ponds to distract and destroy us. As soon as you relax, they snatch it all back.

I know most Black people revere Barack Obama, but ask yourself. What did he specifically do for Blacks? Yes, it’s true he was the president of all Americans, not just Black people. But every politician does something for their supporters. The LGBQT community is allowed to marry and get spousal benefits. Illegal aliens are allowed to come to America for work and to pursue a better education because of DACA.

So, what about Black people? I know most of you will say: Health care. (But that was beneficial to everyone). He helped build a better economy. (But that always happens after a time of war). We needed laws that would've led to mandatory prosecution of police brutality and senseless shootings of Black boys and girls. There should've been a plan to support Black banks and open new ones, so we could fund our own businesses and invest in our own communities. It's a fact that crime and violence are low in areas where there's economical opportunities. For the first time in history, Blacks had hope that someone that looked like them could make a difference. It wouldn't have mattered if no new legislation had gotten passed at all. The fact that we didn't see a clear agenda for us was disheartening. So many black people were caught up in electing the first Black president that we forgot to hold him accountable.

Now, Donald Trump, who was the worst president in history-- he did everything he could to look out for his people. He gave tax cuts to the rich, preserved gun laws for the NRA, showed public support for murderous cops, supported racist bigots, gave high ranking positions to everyone he was cool with while leading a mob to over take the Capitol building. Honestly, Trump was the kind of president we needed; he was just not the president we needed. We need someone who does not stick to the traditional realm of politics and is truly for the people. We just didn't need that type of egotistical narcissistic megalomaniac. He single handedly set the country back 100 years.

Now, the government has pulled the wool over our eyes again. Using a Black woman to pull in the Black vote for President Joe Biden. Are you not tired of living in a society where you consistently trade one devil for the next? Aren't you sick of a country where your lives are viewed as disposable? If you are, then it's time to be a Revolutionary to use your voice, power and influence to directly change the things that affect you directly. We're the makers of popular music and trendy fashions. We have always been the world's muse, yet we get no credit for it. The Black dollar is powerful, so let's treat it as such. Minister Farrakhan once said, “America is for sale people. They're selling the land."

Why aren't we buying it?

With the number of Black millionaires in this country, they could practically buy the midwest and start a black metropolis and set up our own infrastructure where there would be no need to beg for inclusion because we would be self-sufficient. If not that, then go back to old neighborhoods, buy up the property and start your own version of gentrification where you keep housing affordable and community traditions intact. That's the definition of a political revolution to change the system without bloodshed.

Our forefathers were able to mobilize and set up organizations that reached the masses with no social media. They marched with thousands, fed thousands, stood up for millions and gave generations after hope. It's our turn to lead the charge and carry the torch to ensure the culture moves forward.

When you are afraid to die for what you believe in, then you'll never truly live. But if you live with the intention to die for what you believe, then you'll live forever!

It's time for America to be shaken and woken up. It's time that she looked in the mirror and realized that liberty and justice for all should mean just that. Until we are treated equally, we must vote for our best interests, boycott racist brands, and educate ourselves on financial literacy. Black athletes should only attend HBCUs. The revenue from that alone would turn them back into prominent institutions.

The days of we shall overcome are over. Now is the time for move over; we're here.

As a kid, I often wondered why I loved writing thought provoking speeches full of uplifting words. Now, I know it's because I am a revolutionary, not only born to lead but also to protect and educate my people.

So, again I ask. Are you a revolutionary?

If so, be one with pride, wisdom, and dignity. Know that some of your allies will be white, poor and disenfranchised because in the fight for justice everyone is needed. Remember, for others to live tomorrow, some have to die today.

In the words of Chairman Fred, "I am a revolutionary."

Ask yourself. Are you?

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