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2021: The Year In Review

Well ladies and gentlemen it's that time of year again. Time to make resolutions and set new goals. At the stroke of midnight there will be champagne bottles popping and people celebrating a New Year worldwide but before we move forward lets take a quick glimpse into the past.

2021 was a year of mixed emotions.

We elected a new president but the results aren't much different than the past regime. The rich are still rich and the poor are still poor. Politicians are no different than magicians they lure you in with their dazzling speeches and presentations. Then poof when it's all said and done it was all just an illusion. Just like the stimulus checks and food stamp increases were a way for the government to see how much control they could have over the American citizens. A small test run on socialism. By rationing out food and money with the hopes of cutting out the middle class altogether. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but hey it is what it is.

The world is still dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Although they were able to come up with vaccines it almost cost the biggest divide in this nation since the Civil War. With the vaccinated and unvaccinated each arguing its case of who's right or wrong. Systematic racism was and still is a stain, an eye sore on a country that prides itself on equality. There was some brief justice served when George Floyd's murderer was prosecuted which caused Black Americans to feel like the judicial system finally did its job. Honestly we should never have to celebrate someone for doing what's right. Now it's time to apply pressure and get that same justice for countless others.

The only way to better ourselves is to valve ourselves!

Juneteenth became a national holiday, something most of us never saw coming but we can all agree it was needed. This year we saw the continued power of the black vote with states like Georgia having record turnouts in its mid-term election. Now is the time to take this power and use it economically by investing in our own communities. No matter what demographic you come from there's always power in unity. The last two years have birthed the most entrepreneurs since the baby boomer era.

See really 2021 is no different than any year before it. You win some you lose some but it's up to the person to seize control of their own destiny. The Bible says faith without works is dead and that a man who doesn't work doesn't eat. So this year forget those resolutions, lean on your faith and put the work in. Make 2022 your playground as the saying goes when you work hard you play harder!

Always remember God blesses and then he blesses some more!

Happy New Year

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