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In life we're expected to be a lot of things. We're told to be humble, respectful, and successful. Now all of these things are great traits and characteristics to have.

But I'm here to pose a question: why aren't we taught to be like water?

Water is a basic necessity for every living thing on this planet from humans to plants. Actually water may be the most used resource ever. We drink, cook, bathe, swim, use it for transportation and so on!

Water is the most powerful force on the face of the earth. It has the ability to absorb or adapt to anything in its surroundings. There's no place so low or a structure so high that water can not penetrate it. It is virtually unstoppable. The Bible tells us that water was once responsible for destroying all of mankind.

As people we need to be more like water. Too often in life people become stagnant but water never does because it's always moving. Constantly evolving itself from streams, lakes, rivers, and eventually into oceans. Showing that it doesn't matter how small you start because where you end up should always be greater.

The late Bruce Lee once said "Empty your mind be formless and shapeless like water. When you put water in a cup it becomes the cup. When you put water in a bottle it becomes the bottle. Water can flow or it can crash, be water my friend."

See this is the model we need to follow in our personal and professional lives. We need to be able to absorb, adapt, but also control our surroundings like water. When things in life get too heavy it weighs us down or makes us sad. But not water, it is so strong that it turns a burden into a boat.

What does that mean?

When things get too heavy for water it counteracts the problem and turns it into a blessing. So we as people need to realize that an obstacle is God's way of giving us the opportunity to achieve something great. Water has the ability to be soothing enough to drink but at other times fierce enough to become hurricanes.

That's why it is paramount to know when to be nurturing and patient with our ideas. And at other times when to be vigilant and unwavering on what we are trying to accomplish. People tend to give up and get discouraged but water is persistent, continuously moving until it overcomes or knocks down whatever obstacle is standing in its way.

See, water will never be denied because it simply doesn't know how to.

So why should we? By being formless and shapeless we as people don't have to conform to the ideas or ideals of the world. We are free to choose our own paths and destiny's. How amazing is it that water can fit in a cup, fill up a swimming pool, turn into ice and even evaporate. Once we truly master ourselves we don't have to look, talk, or act a certain way. We can simply be like water and be what we desire when we desire in the moment we desire to be it.

So in life when we get to a bridge we feel like we can't cross, be like water and go under it. When something is in the middle of your path blocking the way, be like water and go over it. And when there's a storm go through it because that is where the water is the calmest!

I end this by saying Be like water my friend. And always trust God!

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