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The world is your playing field.

What is Outside the Matrix?

Well, that's quite simple. It's a place where we challenge conventional wisdom in hopes of finding new solutions to old problems. We don't follow the flow, we create it.


Outside The Matrix is real. It's raw. Unapologetic.


Are you ready to step in a realm where free thinking is the norm and leaders are welcome? Without further ado, welcome to Outside The Matrix. 




Time to Reset

Now is the time to drop the days of old and begin anew. With thoughtful insights and real conversations, I plan to open the minds of those who dare to be different and to make a difference. Let’s hit the reset button and move forward together - hand in hand.


Continue the Conversation

For the first time in history, people of all colors and ethnic groups are standing together for a valiant cause. We can not afford to let this moment die.

We must fight and continue to have difficult conversations in order to reach a peaceful resolution. 


Let's all do our part. God bless.


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